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The Deaf Hotline

The Deaf Hotline is a department within Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS) that provides an ASL hotline to the national deaf community.  The organization’s website serves as an essential tool for people seeking crisis intervention, referrals, and resources.

Project Details


Wordpress Development




The Deaf Hotline


A fully-redesigned website


12 Weeks

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The Challenge

The deaf hotline’s website was in need of an overhaul. Most of the content was in text format, rather than centering their videos in sign language.

The website’s content structure made it difficult for users to navigate or reach out to the hotline, due to poor user experience and a lack of interactive elements.

What We Did

The following is the process that we took to achieve this redesign:


A needs assessment showed that the hotline needed improvements on accessibility, user experience, branding, content development and a visual identity. There were also concerns about ways to improve interactivity for visitors seeking services.

Development and Testing

Due to a video-heavy website, our concerns were with loading times so we set up pages to load instantly with prefetching, reducing wait times and improving user experience. We then did rounds of real user testing and accessibility audits. The testing involved mobile testing and an aria-labels review to ensure that the website’s code would be screenreader-friendly.

Design Architecture

We developed a design system that covered colors, fonts, and modular ways of content presentation. Now their social media campaigns could also extend their website’s visual identity with the same design system. We also set up a component library for the hotline’s overall digital ecosystem.


After successful testing, we launched the new hotline website! The deaf community was excited about the new website, and the feedback was positive. Users were pleased with the accessibility of the website and the deaf-centric vlogs that provided valuable information and resources. With further insights on their newsletter, the hotline is pursuing a blog to funnel more visitors into their quarterly updates.

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The Deaf Hotline Website
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The Results

These solutions ensured better accessibility, user engagement, and facilitated easier navigation for users seeking assistance from the hotline.


Links and contact information have been transformed into visual contact cards and forms.

  • Newsletter forms
  • Training Request form
  • Services Request form
  • Peer Organization Contact Cards
ADWAS contact card with contact information and logo

UI Design & Branding →

Provided a design that centered ASL vlogs and improved ease of use. Established a design system to ensure visual consistency. This design system allowed for posts on social media to keep the same branding.


In this website redesign, we focused on optimizing performance, leveraging analytics to gain valuable insights. We leveraged top-quality hosting, optimization, and best practices to achieve a 100/100 performance score while also keeping loading times fast.

google lighthouse score for the deaf hotline, 100 performance, 100 accessibility, 100 best practices, 92 SEO